September 25, 2011

Perdomo ESV 2002 Maduro Epicure

Perdomo ESV 2002 Maduro Epicure (6x54)

You probably have heard of Perdomo's ESV 1991 selection as it was a huge hit for them. This time Nick Perdomo and crew have chosen an estate crop of tobaccos harvested in 2002 and all grown in Nicaragua. The maduro is a very dark cigar and well made. It feels dense in the hand.

ESV stands for Estate Seleccion Vintage.

Video review HERE.

After the cap was cut the test draw was great. The initial flavors at light up were coffee, citrus, and pepper.

About 1/2 inch in the flavor profile is fairly sweet grapefruit citrus with some raw almonds and nice pepper. The finish was long with raw almonds. I was surprised at this but that's what it was!

At 1 1/2 inch the grapefruit notes are more prominent and the coffee notes are very good. The almond notes are now more of a lightly roasted variety and they are more noticeable. The finish has changed to more of a vanilla flavor. The ash is a nice salt and pepper ash and very tight. The burn is even.

At the midpoint the only thing that has changed is there are vanilla notes on the spice. The finish changes from almond to vanilla. At this point it's back to almond with a little lingering pepper on the finish.

At the point of removing the band the cigar is developing some richness in the spice. The cigar is medium bodied with a tendency of moving toward full bodied. The finish continues to change from vanilla to almond and back to vanilla. At this point it's moving back to vanilla again. The coffee notes continue to be very good.

Wrapping up the cigar I found this to be a very good cigar with nice coffee notes and grapefruit citrus. I would have liked for the cigar to have a little more richness but that was not a deal breaker. Perdomo makes great cigars and they are among my top favorites. This new ESV has all the makings of another Perdomo winner.

Score: 92


Anonymous said...

Grapefruit! That's something I have not come across, yet. Granted, I've only been smoking about 6 months, so there's lots of experiences to be had, and knowledge to be gained.

Tiny Tim said...

The flavor of the spice reminds me of grapefruit. I find that Nicaraguan cigars have a lot of citrus notes; sometimes grapefruit and sometimes orange. Maybe it's just me but that's what I taste!