October 19, 2011

Cigar Sniper; new penny auction cigar site to open soon!

Cigar Sniper is a penny auction cigar site run through Famous Smoke Shop. The site will go live in a couple weeks but for now you are invited to participate in an open beta test to see how the site works. The open beta test is scheduled for this weekend, from Friday, 10/21 at 10 am through Monday, 10/24 at 6 pm (eastern).

Here are the details of how the test will run:

The rewards for the Open Beta are as follows, including awarding prizes to those who win the most auctions. Beta testers will only be eligible for the rewards if they complete the Feedback Survey post-Beta.
All participants:
· 20 ‘Free’ bids for registering
· 20 ‘Free’ bids for bidding on at least 1 item
Auction winners:
· 1st place - 280 ‘Paid’bids
· 2nd place - 120 ‘Paid’Bids
· 3rd place - 60 ‘Paid’Bids
We will be equipping all participants with the Sniper Bid Package to be used as ammo during the beta test. The Sniper Bid Package includes 250 ‘Paid’ Bids and 125 ‘Free’ Bids. These bids are only valid during the Beta test.

Go to www.cigarsniper.com for full details and sign up today!

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