April 28, 2012

Partagas 1845 Robusto (5 1/2 x 49)

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As the first new collection to follow the critically-acclaimed Benji Menendez Partagas Master Series, Partagas 1845 is a departure from the traditional Cameroon-wrapped expressions of the brand. This new collection embodies 167 years of heritage and expert cigar making. In fact, the legendary Benji Menendez called Partagas 1845 “one of the most significant blends I have ever been involved in developing.”

Partagas 1845 cigars represent 167 years in the making. This April, 2012 release marks a unique departure from the brand's traditional Cameroon wrapper. For this 1845 edition, they've created a more complex full-bodied cigar deftly rolled in an opulent Ecuadorian-grown Habano wrapper leaf. Spicy Nicaraguan Seco and Dominican ligero tobaccos provide a robust, earthy and bitter-free base, while a Connecticut Broadleaf binder imparts a subtle trace of sweetness to the smoke.

The legendary Benji Menendez served as an advisor on blend development. In this, his 60th year in the premium cigar business, Benji exalts Partagas 1845 as “one of the most significant blends I have ever been involved in developing.”

“Partagas is a brand that is part of my soul and part of my heritage in the business. It is very sentimental for me, so coming out with the next Partagas collection to follow up on the Master Series was a project that I cared very much about. This is a dream come true for me, to help the next generation of cigar masters create new cigars and grow in the business. If I can plant a seed in their minds so they can grow a tree, I am happy,” he reflects.

The collection will debut with these four frontmarks, each protected in boxes containing 20 cigars: Corona Extra (4.5” x 46), SRP per cigar $5.99; Robusto [being reviewed today] (5.5” x 49), SRP per cigar $6.49; Gigante (6” x 60), SRP per cigar $6.99; and Double Corona (7.25” x 54), SPR per cigar $7.49.
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Connecticut Habano
Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan ligero and seco

This is a rather long robusto at 5 1/2" long. The cigar is well made and the unusual band orientation is nice. Speaking of the band, it's a throw back to a Partagas band from 1900.

The new band incorporates many of the same aspects of the vintage band.  The band is oriented to the right.

The cigar is dense.

After cutting the cap the test draw was a bit firm but not too bad. The initial flavors were a mix of cinnamon and citrus with nice pepper. There appear to be cedar notes but it may be the cinnamon and citrus giving that impression. The finish is sweet with cedar notes.

After a minute or two the flavors settled down into grapefruit citrus and cedar with underlying coffee notes and a nice amount of pepper. The finish begins with lightly roasted almonds and then changes into vanilla. There is not any lingering pepper on the finish at this point. The cigar is medium bodied.

At the midpoint the cigar is full flavored. The cedar and grapefruit citrus along with coffee notes make this a flavorful cigar.

These are very affordable cigars. On the Famous Smoke Shop site these cigars range in price from $69.99 to $87.99 for a box of 20.

At the 2/3 point the cigar developed some richness. The other aspects of the cigar remain the same with the exception of a little lingering pepper on the finish, which developed just past the midpoint.

Just shy of the end of the cigar the coffee notes are more pronounced. The cigar burned very evenly throughout.

The cigar ended with the same nice flavors. It began with a nice mix of cedar and grapefruit citrus with coffee notes and nice pepper. The finish was one of almond changing to sweet, creamy vanilla. The cigar ended up medium to full bodied. These should be in shops now and are available online also. I enjoyed this cigar a lot and suggest you try them.

Score: 90


miket156 said...

Great Review! The photos show a blow by blow as you smoked. A 90 rating is significant for such an aggressively priced cigar!

Tiny Tim said...

Thank you. It's always nice to find a great tasting cigar that also has a good pricepoint.