June 09, 2012

La Sirena Prince (5 x 50)

I started the weekend by attending the Miami Cigar event at The Maduro Room. There I met Matthew Shugart, rep for Miami Cigar.

We talked cigars for awhile and the various brands he represents. I decided to pick up several, among them a couple from the La Sirena line. Today I am reviewing the Prince, a 5 x 50 beauty.

Video review HERE.

This is the newest cigar from Miami Cigar Company. La Sirena means the Mermaid. This is a very dark cigar utilizing a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The rest of the cigar is Nicaraguan. These are made in the My Father factory by the Garcias so I expect it to be good.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

The cigar is simply beautiful to look at. The band has to be the largest in the industry and one of the most ornate. It practically runs the entire length of this cigar.

The foot is square pressed and the cigar is triple capped.

After cutting the cap the test draw was effortless. After light up I was met with a ton of black pepper along with cocoa, coffee, perhaps dark chocolate, and sweetness. Nice start so let's see how it developes.

About a half inch in the cigar settled down into nice sweet cedar combining with coffee and dark chocolate with a ton of black pepper. The finish is a little short at this point with vanilla and lingering black pepper.

This will probably be the soonest I'll say this when smoking a cigar but I removed the band and here it is:

As  you can see there was also a secondary band under the main band which I suppose you could leave on to tell everyone what cigar  you're smoking but I removed it as I didn't see any point in keeping it on.

About an inch in the ash fell off and the flavors improved to rich cedar and raisen notes along with coffee and dark chocolate. The pepper has toned down a bit. The cigar is burning very evenly.The finish is now one of a thick vanilla and some of the raisen notes have joined it. The cigar is about medium at this point. The coffee notes really come through when you expell the smoke through your nose.

At about the midpoint there are no changes. At the Miami Cigar event last night I also picked up the "A" size of this cigar. It's a true "A" at 9.2" x 48. Take a look at how it compares to the Prince that I'm smoking today.

The cigar continued to smoke with no changes to the end. I really enjoyed this cigar. The sweet cedar notes with hints of raisen are very nice and the coffee and dark chocolate complete the cigar nicely. The pepper remained above average. The finish continued with the vanilla and light raisen notes with lingering black pepper.

This is a well made delicios cigar. These are a little pricey at $10+ for the Prince and going up from there. Evenso, I enjoyed this cigar greatly and urge you to try them for yourself.

Score: 92


MCC Barry said...

Just a minor note. The La Sirena isn't a pressed cigar. Sometimes the foot isn't perfect round due to shipping and the box placement.

Tiny Tim said...

Thanks for the info. If my cigar had an accidental square foot it was a perfect accident! Perfectly square.