December 01, 2012

Emilio Cigars 1502 Ruby Toro (6 x 50)

Video review HERE.
This cigar from Emilio Cigars is beautifully made. It is is a reddish brown box pressed cigar that has an interesting half closed foot.

The cigar is comprised of:

Wrapper: Equadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan from Jalapa Valley and Esteli

The cigar is very well made with a shiny, oily wrapper but does not feel heavy in the hand. After cutting the cap the test draw was very good. After light up the initial flavors were a nutty, citrus start. The pepper was a 6 or 7 in intensity. The citrus was a tangerine with a roasted nut flavor. It seemed to be an almond flavor but I feel it may change. There is a nice sweetness to the tangerine citrus. There were also some coffee notes to go along with the other flavors. Nice start.


At the 3/4 inch point the cigar made some changes. There is now nutmeg to go along with the sweet tangerine. There is no richness in the cigar yet. The pepper remains very good and still rates a 7. The coffee is good and there seem to be leather notes creeping in. The finish is a nice cream with a touch of lingering pepper.

At the one inch point the nutmeg has really moved forward and leads the tangerine citrus. There are also roasted pecans. The coffee and coffee remain very good.

 At the 1 1/2 inch point the ash is tight and has not dropped but it's quite bent. There is now some richness in the tangerine and nutmeg. The citrus notes have filtered over to the finish combining nicely with the cream and lingering pepper.
 With a couple inches left the cigar continues to burn evenly. The initial ash dropped off in the ashtray and the second ash is also curving just as the first one did. The flavors have change a bit. The citrus notes seem to be morphing into a cedar flavor. Earth notes have take over for the roasted pecan notes. The pepper remains very good and the coffee notes are subtle. The finish is now a cream with lightly roasted almonds and lingering pepper.

With about 1 1/2 inches left the cedar transformation is complete. There are also some nutmeg notes to go along with the cedar. The earth notes have decreased and the coffee notes have come forward. The pepper remains very good. The finish is back to one of cream and citrus notes.

 At the end the cedar and nutmeg notes continued. The richness decreased. The coffee notes remained good as well as the earth notes. The roasted pecan notes came and went but they were nice when they were around. The pepper was very good and held at a 7. The finish ended with cream and citrus notes. The pepper lingered nicely. The cigar ended up medium bodied. It also burned very evenly throughout. I enjoyed this cigar quite a bit. I urge you to try them if you can find them! A local shop near me carries Emilio Cigars and I hope they carry the 1502 Ruby. If not, I'll urge them to carry them.

Score: 91


Gary Griffith said...

Thanks for the commentary. I appreciate the fact that your assessments are brief and to the point, and that you're not afraid to say what you like and don't like. Honest, open feedback is what we manufacturers should all be hoping for

Enrique Sánchez I said...

Tim, thank you for your honest comments about our 1502 Ruby. Just wanted to break the news that our 1502 Ruby was rated with a 91 at Cigar Journal, so you just hit it right, my friend.

The half close foot of the cigar that you just mention, is called "The Cigar Lock", and is our innovation and contribution to this wonderful industry. There will be a video coming out, explaining the "The Cigar Lock".

Thank you once again, and I would love to see your comments in our 1502 Emerald & 1502 Black Gold.

Tim Rollins said...

Thanks Gary. I am always honest, even if it hurts sometimes! I also try to describe the taste of the cigar so that everyone can determine if they want to try it or not.

Enrique, I would love to try the Emerald and the Black Gold. Contact me at ticotych@hotmail if you can supply a few samples.

mmk said...

I truly enjoyed the Ruby - Robusto...