April 22, 2013

South Carolina Sit Down no. 18! Yet ANOTHER record breaker!!!

Above is the event poster board. It represents 54 contributors, which is an all time record. This kind of support has made this event a truly top notch event. I am extremely happy to have this type of support from cigar manufacturers, representatives, distributors, local shops, local companies, and individuals. Thank you all for your tremendous support of us and SisterCare, Inc.
Today we achieved another record. The total raised for SisterCare would once again surpass our previous record set just last year. But more about the total later.
The turnout, however, was less than last year and to be honest, less than I expected. We had 157 people attend but they would prove that smaller attendance numbers does not equate to a smaller amount or money.
 Frank Crachiolo represented SisterCare and spoke on their services. It's important for the people who attend to hear from someone directly connected to our charity. Thank you Frank for being here.
We started out strong. By noon, our actual start time, we already had nearly 100 people in attendance. Everyone was anxious for the raffle to begin. So, at 1pm sharp we began.

As in years past I manned the microphone.

 Wes Gensel, owner of Monte Pascoal Cigars was scheduled to be here. He also attended our event a couple years ago. Well, I received an email from Wes on Thursday that he had the flu and could not be here. Connie, my wife, stepped up and said that she would fill in for Wes and hand out his cigars. She did a great job.

Joe Lumpkin manning the Alec Bradley table.

 Dickson Wier represented Altadis.

 Juan Carlos Jimenez, owner of Juanitos Cigarros.

 Steve Cook, rep for Gurkha
 Jim Massengale, Henry Richardson, and John Perry manned the ticket table.
Randy Fabry also represented Asylum Cigars but somehow he escaped getting his picture.
 Jack Porter had one of the most important jobs; photographer.
Boveda provided the event bags complete with the event name.
 Attendees also received an event ticket which entitled them to get a sample from each rep.

 The raffle started off with a bang. The first item was a box of E. P. Carrillo Cardinal Naturals.
 East End Cigar Company in Myrtle Beach, S.C. supplied 4 desktop humidors.
Xikar winners
Ramirez Cigars (La Herencia de Cuba) winner
 Tatuaje Little Monsters winner, supplied by Eric Webster
 Cuban Crafters winners
 Top Shelf Cigar winners
 During one of the breaks we snapped this shot;
Jim, John, Jack, and me
Tobacco Merchant winners
 Cigar Box winners
 Maduro Room winners
 Vegas de Santiago winners
 Dona Flor winners
 Miura Cigars winners
 Towne Centre Cigars and Wine winners
 Altadis hat winners
 Modern Age Tobacco winners
 Paul Sedillo tea sampler winner
Espinosa Cigars winners
 Ortega Cigars T-shirt winners
 Ortega Cigars hat winners
 Ortega Cigars cutter winners
 Ortega Cigar ashtray winners
 Ortega Cigars sampler and box winners
 Juanitos Cigarros winners
 Ortega Cigars Serie D no. 12 box winner
 Paul Sedillo provided the Noris torpedo box; winner shown
 William Ventura box winner, supplied by Sandi Turnipseed who drove from New York City
to be at our event. This is Sandi's third time attending the S. C. Sit Down.
 McWaters Office Supplies winner
 Villager Stokebye winners
 Famous Smoke Shop winner
 Pride Cigars winners
 Lou Rodriguez Cigars winner
 Martin Family Cigars winners
Cigars Direct winners 
Party Source winners 
SAG Imports winners 
 Jack Porter supplied a box of Nub Habano; winner shown
Vault humidor, signed by Charlie Torano', supplied by Armando Lapido, Torano rep; winner shown
Torano Cigars winners
Altadis ashtray winners
Gurkha hat winners
Monte Pascoal box winner
Lil' Brown Smoke Shack winner
Holt's Cigars winner
Arturo Fuente winners
Graycliff Cigars winners
Cigar Aficionado Big Smoke winner
The main reason for the event was the charity; SisterCare, Inc., a shelter for battered women and their children. At the end of the day we had surpassed our previous record set just last year. The total raised today was $8305! That's about $1000 more than last year with 50 less people! Thank you all for your support.

Presentation of checks to SisterCare, Inc.
Hopefully we will be back again next year trying to surpass this year's total. By the way, 2014 will be our 10th year of having the S. C. Sit Down's. With 2 events per year we'll hit number 20 and hopefully it will also be a record breaker! (The fall event is the smaller of the two events designed for the hard core cigar lovers. Typically there is no raffle but we occasionally have a sponsor and donate any money raised in the fall to SisterCare.)
A special thanks goes out to Hemingways Saloon for hosting today's event.
Make plans now to attend S.C. Sit Down no. 20 scheduled for the weekend after The Masters golf tournament; April 19th, 2014.

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