February 22, 2014

House of Burgess Maduro Toro (6 x 52)

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This is the maduro version of the House of Burgess cigars. It is the second of their cigars that I'm reviewing. The Connecticut version scored an impressive 93.

House of Burgess Cigars derives its name from the first freely elected House Of Representatives the world has ever known. Established in 1619, the Virginia House of Burgesses was the first established form of government in world history, where common men could hold political office and be elected by the people of it's region. In the same manner, House of Burgess Cigars strives to provide premium cigar brands for the everyday man, who enjoys the freedom and pleasures of smoking fine cigars.

Established in 2012, brand owners, Joe Baker and Silvio Palomino have a combined twenty-eight years of knowledge in the cigar industry. Silvio has a history of two generations behind him in cultivating and rolling cigars in his family factory, based out of the Dominican Republic. Silvio has been selling, importing, and working in the cigar industry since 1990. Joe is an entrepreneur who has several companies under his belt; He is a life-long cigar smoker who for the past sixteen years has enjoyed exploring all that cigars have to offer. Most recently, he is the former publisher of, Cigars In Review Magazine, which was sold in 2011 to form House of Burgess Cigars Ltd.

Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

The cigar is a very dark, chocolate brown. It feels very heavy in the hand. It is quite dense. Here is the foot.

I removed the gold band around the foot. The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were sweet cedar, dark, black coffee, cream, and black pepper rated at an 8. It lingers nicely on the finish, which is one of sweet cream. Nice start. The cigar is medium bodied but the dark coffee notes make it seem to be fuller.

About one inch in the cigar has settled down. You still have sweet cedar, cream, heavy coffee notes which almost seem like espresso, and dry oak. The finish is still sweet cream with some influence from the dry oak. The pepper is still lingering nicely. The cigar is still medium bodied.

2 inches in the burn is perfect and the ash is very tight. The flavors are about the same. The cedar is very sweet. I am now getting a milk chocolate flavor mixed in with the other front end flavors. The finish is about the same. The cigar still seems to be medium bodied but I expect it to reach medium to full bodied status. Very nice sweet notes to go along with the heavy coffee notes.

At the band the ash finally fell off. It reached at least 3 inches! As I said at the beginning of the review, this is a very heavy, dense cigar. The long ash seems to back up that claim. The flavor notes are still the same. The cigar is burning evenly and it is still medium bodied but very close to medium to full.

The cigar took about 78 minutes to smoke. It ended up medium to full bodied. It reached that strength about 3/4 the way through. There were a lot more oak notes and they are charred. They also showed up around 3/4 the way through. The other notes of coffee, sweet cedar, cream, and milk chocolate notes are still there. The finish is largely unchanged. This is a good maduro cigar to me due to the fact it had sweet notes and coffee notes in a nice mix; one did not overwhelm the other. Very good cigar that you should try.

Score: 91

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