August 01, 2015

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona (6 1/4 x 50)

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The Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut uses a 2008 Connecticut shade wrapper grown on Altadis’ farms in the Connecticut River Valley.

Under the wrapper is a Nicaraguan binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru. The cigars are being made at Tabacalera de GarcĂ­a in the Dominican Republic and are available in three sizes, the 5 1/2 x 44 No. 3, 6 1/4 x 50 Double Corona and one belicoso, the 6 x 50 No. 2. Pricing are between $10.50 and $14.50 per cigar.

Wrapper:        Vintage 2008 Connecticut Shade
                        (Grown in U.S.A. in Montecristo Company Farms,
                        Exclusive to Altadis USA)
Binder:            Nicaraguan
Filler:               Dominican, Nicaraguan & Peruvian

Available in 3 sizes:
No.3                          44 X 5 1/2"
Double Corona         50 X 6 1/4" (REVIEWED TODAY)
No.2 (Belicoso)        50 X 6"

The cigar is a golden brown. It has 3 distinctive bands. The cigar has an average feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were boysenberry and white chocolate, dry roasted nuts, and white pepper rated at a 7 1/2. I expect the cigar to change.

1 1/2 inches in the boysenberry and white chocolate notes are much sweeter. There are also notes of dry hay. There is now black pepper to go along with the white pepper. There is some buttery notes on the front end. The dry roasted nuts are becoming subtle. There is a base of mild black coffee. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. The finish is a sweet cream with some white chocolate and there is a little lingering white pepper.

As I approached the midpoint there are now sweet tangerine notes. The boysenberry notes have changed over. There is also white chocolate to go along with the tangerine. The other flavors are still there but subtle; dry hay and roasted nuts. The buttery notes are somewhat toned down by the elevated sweetness in the tangerine.

Approaching the final third the flavors are getting more in balance. You can pick out all the flavors but nothing overshadows the others. The finish is very nice as it now has some buttery notes. The cigar is a low grade medium to full bodied. There is a definite mix of black and white pepper leaning toward more of a black pepper flavor. 

The Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona ended with elevated black pepper. It continued to ramp up as the cigar burned. The boysenberry notes came back with a lot of sweetness. The tangerine flavor went away. There were light buttery notes and roasted nuts with light coffee. The cigar remained medium to full bodied. The black pepper was also elevated on the finish. There were nice flavor changes in this cigar. The finish was pretty much unchanged. Look for these on shelves now. Very good cigar.

Score: 92

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Stephen Jones said...

One of my favorite cigars.