June 23, 2016


The Joya family is proud to present Joya Black, a follow up to the very
well-received Joya Red launched in 2014. is new blend is a continuation of
e orts from the factory to introduce contemporary, innovative products to the

Th e JOYA line changed the way smokers enjoyed Nicaraguan cigars with the
introduction of Joya Red, a medium bodied, full avor smoke specially designed
and blended for the modern smoker. e new Joya Black follows in these footsteps
and takes the experience up a notch by incorporating a dark Mexican wrapper and
Nicaraguan llers. Modern in Spirit, fuller in Flavor and Stronger in Attitude,
this cigar provides a complex smoke, perfect for those who want more.

Both Joya Red and Joya Black were engineered by the youngest executive team in
the industry, along with the most senior Master Blenders of Nicaragua. Together
they created JOYA, a line-up of cigars that represents the more approachable and
adventurous side of Nicaragua's very rst, and most authentic, cigar factory.

“Since its inception, the JOYA brand has pushed the limits of our factory and
showcased a new side of our people and our products. Varying from fun, and easy
smokes like Joya Red, to sophisticated and more complex smoking experiences
such as the new Joya Black, and together with new upcoming variants, JOYA's
portfolio will continue to generate excitement among modern smokers and make
their smoking journey much more rewarding.“ Juan Ignacio Martínez, President of
Joya de Nicaragua, said.

 " This is Joya de Nicaragua’s rst cigar to feature a Mexican San Andres Negro
wrapper. We have had these wrappers available for some time and we wanted to
create a blend with rich Nicaraguan tobacco, yet without the overpowering
strength. e result is a balanced, rich and pleasant smoking experience - the type
of experience the new JOYA brand is known for as demonstrated by the release of
Joya Red" said, Mario Perez, Factory Manager.

Joya Black will be available in 20 count boxes and will be priced similarly to Joya
Red, ranging from $5.50 to $8.00 per cigar. It will be available in the following sizes:

• Robusto (5 ¼ x 50)
• Toro (6 x 52)
• Doble Robusto (5 x 56)
• Nocturno (6 ¼ x 46)

Joya Black will be available to all retailers and will be presented during the upcoming
IPCPR 84th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas in July 2016.
Drew Estate will distribute the brand in the U.S. as JDN’s exclusive distributor. Joya
Black will also be available worldwide through our International Marketing Division
and JDN’s partners.

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