August 28, 2011

Perdomo Exhibicion Connecticut churchill

Perdomo Exhibicion Connecticut churchill (7x54)

Video review HERE.

This is the third of my reviews of the new Perdomo Exhibicion series. The wrapper is a very light brown color. The cigar feels dense in the hand.

The cigar smells like hay! I expect this cigar to be mild but I'm hopeful it will be flavorful.

The test draw was a tad firm. Initial flavors were nice pepper and sweet notes of almonds.

About 1/2 inch in the flavors are sweet grapefruit, vanilla, and a little raw almond. The finish is also raw almond. The pepper seems to explode in your mouth but it's not very detectable on the finish at this point. The cigar is nice and sweet.

Just over an inch in the burn is very even. The ash is quite dense and tight. The cigar has taken on some rich notes. The grapefruit and vanilla are about even with subtle raw almonds with good pepper. The finish is one of sweet vanilla and some lingering pepper. The ash was quite tight.

At the midpoint the only major change is the almond notes are now of the roasted variety and have pretty much overtaken the grapefruit as the lead flavor and they are rich. The pepper is not quite as intense as when we started but it's still very nice. The finish is a rich vanilla with almond undertones and it is long. There is some lingering pepper.

At the point where I had to remove the band there are no major changes. The rich roasted almonds are still the lead player with the grapefruit citrus secondary. The finish is still vanilla with almond undertones. The pepper is good on the spice and finish. The cigar is indeed mild but very flavorful. This would be a good morning cigar. It would also be good for a beginner cigar smoker. The vanilla notes are very subtle at this point.

The cigar wrapped up as a mild, flavorful cigar. The grapefruit citrus played nicely with the rich roasted almonds with the almonds taking the lead flavor from the midpoint on. The finish remained one of sweet vanilla with subtle almond undertones. The pepper remained good on both ends.

Score: 92


Anonymous said...

Nice, Tim. Looking for another good morning cigar.

Tiny Tim said...

Thanks. I think this will fit the bill.

j.martin said...

Hi Tim,
I've been following your reviews for the past 6 months,and have found them very insightfull.What I can't seem to follow are the citrus,flavors you are refer to.
I never seem to find citrus,is there is something I'm missing,or are our pallets so different?

Tiny Tim said...

Everyone's palate is different. When I state that I taste citrus that's what I actually taste! The flavor reminds me of that particular citrus fruit, usually oranges or grapefruit. Feel free to post what you taste on any of my reviews. Other opinions are always welcome.