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February 12, 2012

Ortega Serie D No. 12 Maduro (5x52)

These are the first lines of cigars under the Ortega trademark. These lines will be introduced during the first quarter of 2012 and will be available only at a limited number of authorized tobacconists in the USA.

All the brands comprise a rich and complex blend of tobaccos grown in South and Central America with Nicaraguan tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa giving it the prevalent flavors topped off with an excusite choice of Mexican Maduro; Ecuador Habano; Connecticut Broadleaf or Connecticut Natural..

All our brands are manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua.

This first line of Ortega Serie D Maduro cigars come in the following 5 sizes:

No. 6 ; 4 1/2x48
No. 7; 5x46
No. 8; 5 1/2x50
No. 10; 6x52 Belicoso
No. 12; 5x52 (being reviewed today)

Wrapper: Mexican Maduro San Andres Valley
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Esteli/Jalapa Viso & Ligero

Boxes of 20 cigars. All the cigars are box pressed.

Video review HERE.

This cigar is very dark and almost jet black. The wrapper is thick and coarse. The filler is quite dense.

The test draw was very good. The first flavors at light up were a sweet, syrup tasting grapefruit citrus, coffee, with a ton of black pepper. The finish was sweet but I could not distinguish the flavors. I decided to let the cigar settle down for a minute or two.

About a half inch in the cigar settled down into one of sweet, rich grapefruit citrus with a thick sweetness, coffee, and a ton of black pepper. The finish is one of vanilla and lingering black pepper. The cigar is full bodied at this point and I do not expect it to change.

I am not surprised that Eddie chose a maduro for his first cigar. When he visited me two years ago before the S.C. Sit Down he had some Murcielago cigars. He really loved them.

At the midpoint the burn was a little off but that's not a deal breaker. The wrapper is quite thick and coarse. There are vanilla notes mixed in the citrus spice that are coming through nicely at this point. The main flavors of sweet, rich grapefruit citrus and coffee are still intact with the vanilla a little more pronounced. The pepper remains quite good on both ends.

The cigar did not change from this point to the end. 'Although the cigar is not complex it is very tasty. I really enjoyed the richness of the sweet grapefruit citrus. The coffee and black pepper were amazing. Lovers of heavy, full bodied maduros will love this cigar. The sweet vanilla finish was great and the lingering black pepper was quite nice. This was a great first cigar from Eddie. I very much enjoyed the cigar and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to review them before they hit the stores.

Score: 93

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JerryK said...

I think the best cigars are cuban cigars. Burnt, woody, and leathery. That's the way to go, I say. And the way they smoke...mmm, heaven.