July 21, 2012

E. P. Carrillo Inch No. 64 Natural (6 1/4 x 64)

Video review HERE.

This is E. P. Carrillo's newest creation. It is simply called The Inch, and for good reason. The cigar has a ring gauge of 64, or one inch. Cigars are measured in 64ths of an inch. A 50 ring cigar is actually 50/64 of an inch. This is a full inch in diameter.

The Inch comes in 3 sizes.

Today's cigar is 6 1/4 x 64.

There are also sizes of:

5 7/8 x 60
5 x 62

There are 2 Youtube videos featuring Lissette Carrillo with her father discussing the new Inch cigar. 

E. P. Carrillo Inch, part one

E. P. Carrillo Inch, part two

This cigar being reviewed today is a true inch in diameter, 64 ring gauge.

The cigar is comprised of:

Ecuadorian Sumtra Wrapper
Nicaraguan binder
Dominican filler (and Nicaraguan, I believe)

Not much is known about these cigars as they are brand new. They are not on shelves yet but will be soon. They will undoubtedly be featured at this years ICPCR.

These cigars also come in a maduro version which I will review later.

The price of these cigars will range from $7.75 to $10.

The cigar is well made and it is triple capped.

The cigar is dense. Take a look at all that tobacco.

It was not easy to cut the cap since it's so big but I managed and the test draw was effortless. I will smoke this cigar very slowly so that it will burn evenly.

The first flavors were cedar, a juicy orange citrus, and nice pepper. There is also a touch of leather and wood on the spice. The finish was a creamy vanilla and a touch of almond. I wanted to let the cigar sit a minute to see what other flavors came in.

The cigar settled down into cedar, wood, a juicy orange citrus which at times takes on a sweet cherry flavor (I realize that's quite odd but that's what it tastes like) with some leather notes here and there. The finish has a nice mix of almond and creamy vanilla with some lingering pepper.

Large ring cigars are all the rage right now. Lots of companies are making them. With all large ring cigars you must smoke them slowly to achieve an even burn. So far this one is burning very evenly.

At the 1 1/2 inch point the cigar's flavors, in order of prominence are rich, sweet orange citrus, cedar, leather, wood notes, and a very nice amount of pepper. The finish is still one of vanilla and some of those cedar/citrus notes filter over to the finish. The pepper is lingering nicely on the palate. The cigar has made a few nice transitions so far.

You can see the ash is very tight with no splintering. The ash achieved a length of almost 2 1/2 inches before it finally fell off. Every once in awhile I get a little raw almond on the finish. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. A touch of leather remains on the draw giving the cigar some depth.

The cigar's main flavors are still the same; orange citrus, cedar, leather, and nice pepper. From time to time I get wood flavors on the front end. The finish is now a toasted vanilla with a combination of cedar and citrus with lingering pepper.  As the finish lingers for awhile the flavors combine to give a tawny port flavor.

At the end of the cigar it lost the citrus notes but the cedar remained sweet but not rich and you can taste more of the leather.  The finish remained one of tawny port with lingering pepper. I would call this cigar complex since it changed so many times. It finished up medium to full bodied. I enjoyed the cigar quite a bit.

Score: 93

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