September 29, 2012

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Epicure (6 x 56)

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The Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars are hand-crafted with the finest tobaccos grown exclusively on Perdomo’s most prestigious farms in Esteli, Condega, and the famed Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. Using the highest priming tobaccos from each region, the new Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars have a tremendous flavor profile with layer upon layer of rich, elegant, complex flavors. The seamless combination of the all Cuban-seed Nicaraguan grown wrappers, binders, and fillers makes the Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars exceptional Nicaraguan puros. Using the best tobaccos from each of their farms in each region, Perdomo has truly created a masterpiece blend with a core of deep, satisfying flavors.


In order to achieve a perfect balance, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary blend requires wrappers that have been carefully hand-selected and well-aged for over 6 years. After being fermented to perfection, each Cuban-seed Sun Grown and Maduro wrapper is barrel-aged in bourbon barrels for an additional 14 months. These barrel-aged wrappers are at their peak color and flavor, making each Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigar impeccably smooth from beginning to end.


“Our family has been truly blessed over the years with a loyal and  dedicated staff both in Nicaragua and the United States. We are extremely grateful to the retailers and consumers who have supported us through the years and continue to share our enthusiasm and passion for our premium hand-made cigars. I’m extremely proud of this brand and we are very excited to share these special cigars with everyone,” states Nick Perdomo, Jr.



Created using the Perdomo family’s time-honored Cuban traditions, the new Perdomo 20th Anniversary is semi boxpressed and presented in elegant 24-count Spanish cedar boxes. The Perdomo 20th Anniversary is available in both Cuban-seed Sun Grown and Maduro wrappers in five stunning sizes: Robusto R556 (5 x 56) MSRP $8.00; Epicure E556 (6 x 56) MSRP $8.50; Torpedo T6554 (6 1/2 x 54) MSRP $9.00, Gordo G660 (6 x 60) MSRP $9.50, and Churchill C756 (7 x 56) MSRP $10.00 per cigar (excluding state and local taxes).


“We will completely absorb the SCHIP tax on our Perdomo 20th Anniversary brand as we do on all of our other brands,” states Nick Perdomo, Jr. “We are committed to providing the very best cigars at great price points for both retailers and consumers as we continue to experience tough economic times.”
The cigar looks beautiful. After cutting the cap the test draw was effortless. The initial flavors at light up were a little hard to pin down exactly but they were sweet with lots of pepper. In order to get an accurate assessment of the flavors I let it sit for a minute.
About an inch in the cigar settled down into a very thick, syrupy grapefruit citrus and vanilla combination, oak, and coffee. The flavors are balanced and smooth. The richness of the grapefruit citrus and vanilla are great. The oak and coffee give it depth and make a great addition. The pepper is about a 6 out or 10 in intensity. The finish is one of cream and some light pepper. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. You get some of that effervescence that I spoke about in the Grand Cru 2006. I really like that. It's almost bubbly.
About 2 inches in, as you can see the ash is very tight and dense. It is salt and pepper in color. The richness is thick and sweet. Some of the citrus notes make their way over to the finish making a sweet citrus and cream flavor. The cigar continues to be very good.

At the band the coffee notes have really come forward. The continue to give the cigar depth and combine with the citrus and vanilla very well. The cigar is now medium to full bodied. The oak notes are subtle at this point.

The cigar ended up much as it was in the last report. The rich, sweet grapefruit citrus and vanilla is very flavorful and the coffee with subtle oak notes give the cigar depth and they are a great addition. This cigar is much better than the 10th Anniversary that Perdomo put out. This is a truly a great cigar. In fact, this is the best cigar of the second half of the year so far. Perdomo has really made a great cigar for their 20th Anniversary.
Score: 94

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