JC Newman

July 20, 2014

La Patrona Robusto (5 x 50)

Video review HERE.

This is the brand new cigar from the wife of Jorge Leon, owner of Miura Cigars. Geidy Leon, owner of La Patrona Cigars, is currently debuting this cigar at this year's IPCPR in Las Vegas. The cigar is so new I know very little about it but it is comprised of:

Wrapper - Sungrown Sumatra Ecuador
Binder - Brazil 
Filler - Brazil, DR, Peru and Nicaragua

The cigar is very well made and quite dense feeling in the hand. Here is a shot of the foot.

The test draw after cutting the cap was great. The initial flavors were sweet nutmeg, green tea, dry cedar, and leather. The black pepper is rated at a 7.5. The front end flavors are very interesting. 

At 3/4 inch the cigar has a very even burn. The flavors now are sweet nutmeg, green tea, and leather. The dry cedar is subtle. The cigar is medium to full bodied. The finish has influences of the leather along with a sweet cream. There is quite a bit of lingering black pepper on the finish also.

About 1 1/2 inch in the leather is the main flavor along with the nutmeg and tea. There are also some cream notes that tone down the leather. There is dry wood, not necessarily cedar, but dry wood notes. The cigar is still medium to full bodied but appears to be headed to full bodied. The cream notes are somewhat subtle but they really tone down the leather.

At the midpoint you have some sweet  cedar to go along with the nutmeg. The cream notes continue to tone down the leather. The tea notes are subtle. The dry wood is quite noticeable. This flavor combination is very good, in my opinion. The strength is medium to full bodied. The finish does not have the heavy influence of leather now, rather there are toasted notes on the cream.

With about 1 1/2 inch remaining the leather has toned down somewhat. The sweet cedar is your second main flavor. There are a lot of dry, charred wood notes. The nutmeg has also toned down. The tea notes have gone away. There are still some light cream notes. The cigar is very close to full bodied now. The finish is unchanged. 

This has been an excellent cigar. Geidy has blended a great cigar. At the end the flavors were light leather, sweet cedar, and dry, charred wood. The cream is subtle and acts as a mellowing agent for the other three. The finish is unchanged. The strength is full bodied. I am not sure where you can find these but I will be in contact with Jorge to find out where I can purchase them. I had the churchill and the 6x54 size previously. The 6x54 size was a fantastic cigar that might be a tick better than the robusto. This is a winner. When you see them in your shop be sure to try them. They are great!

Score: 94


Unknown said...

Just wanted to know the cost of just one

Tim Rollins said...

I'm not sure any more. These were out in 2014.