JC Newman

August 03, 2014

1502 Nicaragua Robusto (5 x 52)

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The 1502 Nicaragua contains tobaccos from the four main growing regions of Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega, and Ometepe. This cigar fits right in between the 1502 Emerald and 1502 Ruby - as a "medium plus" cigar. The 1502 Nicaragua is the latest creation from 1502 cigars.

I have no info on which leaves are wrapper, binder, or filler. The cigar is well made and box pressed with a partially closed foot.

The test draw after cutting the cap had just a bit of firmness making it a perfect draw. The initial flavors were sweet pink grapefruit citrus, nutmeg, cream, and a lot of dry, roasted nuts. There is white pepper rated at a 6.5. The finish at this early stage is roasted nuts and sweet cream with some lingering pepper.

1 1/4 inch in there is a little earthiness mixing in with the other described flavors. All the initial flavors are still in play. The cigar is medium bodied and burning very evenly. The sweetness of the pink grapefruit has increased. The roasted nuts are also prominent while the nutmeg is a bit subtle. The cream smooths everything out nicely. The finish now is a sweet cream with just a touch of roasted nuts. The lingering pepper has increased somewhat. This cigar has a lot of typical 1502 flavors. This cigar is a little stronger than the emerald but close to the strength of the ruby.

About 2 inches remaining and the nutmeg notes have increased. The earthiness I spoke of before is now a black coffee. The roasted nuts and cream are about the same. The finish is a straight sweet cream with the lingering pepper. The cigar is increasing in strength. It is now a high medium but not quite medium to full bodied. This is a unique flavor for 1502 but very enjoyable.

At the end the pink grapefruit really came out. The nutmeg is subtle while the coffee and roasted nuts are unchanged. The white pepper has intensified to a 7.5. The finish is spectacular; sweet cream with some citrus notes. The lingering white pepper is still very nice. The cigar is now medium to full bodied and you can feel the ligero kicking in. The 1502 guys really know how to blend a cigar. I am quite impressed with this cigar. I feel sure they have a winner here. Look for them anywhere that sells 1502 cigars and House of Emilio cigars.

Score: 93

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