July 27, 2020

VF 1998 -- VegaFina Commemorates 20+ Years - From New to Global Brand

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – VF 1998 commemorates the VegaFina brand’s more than two decade run, from its beginnings in La Romana, Dominican Republic at the famed Tabacalera De Garcia – to today’s recognition as a global brand. With a reputation built on impeccable construction at a stellar price point, the VegaFina brand is also one of the best-selling cigar brands in Europe.

Hand crafted by the same Grupo De Maestros behind the iconic Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo and H. Upmann brands, VegaFina are handmade premium cigars celebrated by adult aficionados across the globe for their affordability and excellence.

“It is an exciting time for the VegaFina brand, says Jennifer True, AUSA’s senior brand manager. “We know the VF 1998 will resonate with adult consumers looking for a great looking signature smoke that is both high-quality and competitively priced.”

A top-notch premium cigar, the VF 1998 is expertly blended by some of the tobacco industry’s leading experts. “In a way, we have been working on this cigar for over 20 years,” explains Pedro Ventura, a member of the Grupo De Maestro for Tabacalera USA. “Since the brand’s inception shortly before the turn of the century, we have taken our learnings from various blends to develop a cigar with just the right characteristics for the VF 1998. We are very proud of the result.”

The VF 1998 is made of tobaccos born from proprietary tobacco fields in five regions: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia, Indonesia and Ecuador.

A cigar with distinction

The VF 1998 can rightfully be referred to as a cum laude cigar. As anyone who has attended a graduation ceremony knows, cum laude in Latin means “with distinction,” a phrase used to represent a high level of achievement. For the VF 1998, this distinction is achieved through a sophisticated blend of tobacco leaves that have been carefully selected and aged for at least four years.

This aging process provides the cigar a unique and balanced character that is recognizable by its rich, complex aroma and its flavor, with a gentle and refined mix of distinctive and intense nuances – a new level of complexity achieved for the VegaFina brand.

A premium image

The VF 1998 will be presented in boxes of 10 and will include a range of three popular vitolas whose names refer to the cigar ring gauges: VF 50; VF 52 and VF 54 with an MSRP range between $8.60 - $9.60. Initially available to retailers on Altadis U.S.A’s Connect 360° trade program and Casa De Montecristo retail stores.

VF 1998 Product Summary:

Introduction Date: September 2020

Box Count: 10 cigar per box

VF 50: 50 x 4 ½

VF 52: 52 x 5 ¼

VF 54: 54 x 6 1/8

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Colombia

Binder: Java Indonesia

Wrapper: Habana Ecuador x`x`

Tasting card:

• Wrapper: dark brown color, shiny and silky, with almost no veins.

• Aroma: woody, floral and toasted; hints of cedar, leather, cinnamon, nuts and honey.

• Taste: woody and roasted, with mild salty and spicy hints and sweet nuances of mellow fruit; notes of almonds, white pepper, vanilla, coffee and molasses.

• Strength: medium.

• Draw: excellent.

• Combustion: even and homogeneous.

• Ashes: light grey with little darker veins, compact and stable.

• Smoking time: VF 50: 40’; VF 52: 55’; VF 54: 70’.

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