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August 17, 2021

Bandolero Serie A "Adventureros" Sagaces (5 3/8 x 46)


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(Description taken from Luxurycigarclub.com and Smallbatchcigar.com websites)

Bandolero Cigars are named after the bandits that risked everything to continue producing cigars even though it was prohibited outside of Spain by the Crown - even though the tobacco itself was grown in their homelands.

Bandolero Is the baby brother of Atabey and Byron. All of which come from Nelson Alfonso, the man behind the re-branding of the famous Cuban brand, Cohiba. Coming out of Costa Rica, you can expect all of his cigars to be expertly made and to always give you a pleasurable experience. While Bandolero is the most “inexpensive” of its family, it doesn't compromise quality. 

Blend Info:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed, Peruvian

The cigar looks very well made. The wrapper is a dark brown. The cigar has an average feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors at light up were quite a bit of earthiness. But in addition there were low levels of citrus and caramel, nutmeg, earth, and a very light black coffee base. There was very good lingering black pepper rated at an 8. The black pepper and earthiness team up to make the majority of the base. 

At the first third (26 minutes) there is still a hint of citrus, nice toffee notes, light nutmeg, hints of dry oak, quite a bit of earthy black pepper, and a minor amount of black coffee. The cigar is medium bodied leaning toward medium to full. The finish is toffee and nutmeg with a very nice amount of lingering black pepper. The earthiness in this cigar doesn't hurt. Surrounding the earthiness is a nice amount of sweeter notes. Plus, there is a lot of black pepper. I rated the first third 94.

As I moved through the second third (47 minutes) the toffee notes really came out. There was still a twinge of citrus, a thread of leather, a little nutmeg, and quite a bit of peppery earthiness. The black coffee is almost an afterthought at this point. The finish is unchanged and the lingering black pepper is very good. I held the score of 94 for the second third.

The cigar lasted 1 hour 4 minutes. Not much changed in the final third. There was still nice amounts of toffee, very faint citrus and leather, very little nutmeg, but plenty of black pepper earthiness. I would say the black coffee is no longer in play. Primarily you have toffee and black pepper earthiness. But, it works. There were hints of dry cedar in the mix. The cigar is medium to full bodied. The finish remains unchanged. I found this to be a very good cigar. I held the score of 94 for the final third.

Overall Score: 94

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