JC Newman

December 20, 2021

Christmas cigars; do you want them as gifts?

Tricky question. On the one hand all cigar lovers want more cigars but when they are gifted to you are you getting what you really want? Take the casual friend who knows you like cigars but has no idea what you really like. They may want to be nice and surprise you with some cigars they purchased from a local shop. They may get luck and give you something  you like or you may be disappointed while expressing gratitude for the kind gesture. 

Or, they may play it safe and purchase a gift card from a local shop, or even an online shop, and give that to you. That's a win. You can now purchase exactly what  you want.

Sometimes people, while having good intentions, have a brainstorm while on a tropical vacation. "I'll get John some Cuban cigars for Christmas/birthday/whatever". This has potential problems written all over it. No doubt the unknowing purchaser has observed some beach sellers parading around with their "Cuban cigars" in glass top boxes. The unknowing but good hearted individual purchases some for "a deal" and brings them back to give to John. He thanks them, in most cases, and moves on all the while knowing the cigars that were purchased are nothing but fakes. Cuba has never produced cigars in a glass top box. Plus, just the idea of some random guy walking the beach with Cuban cigars should throw up a red flag. But, people purchase them all the time. On my recent trip to Cancun I saw them selling their fake Cubans all day long on the beach. Some people actually bought them. I try to warn people but I can't warn everyone.

If John's lucky the unknowing Caribbean traveler goes to a local La Casa del Habano and purchases some authentic Cuban cigars. If this is the case John is again a winner. While the purchaser may not know what Cuban cigars John likes he will probably be ok with whatever was purchased from the LCDH.

Bottom line; purchasing cigars from someone you know or love is tricky. If you don't know exactly the type or brand they like you're better off buying a gift card. Or, if you're in a La Casa del Habano in the Caribbean or worldwide just buy whatever. John will be happy.

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