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January 30, 2022

LCA Reserva Vintage 2021 (6 x 44 Lonsdale)

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(Description taken from Halfwheel.com website)

The LCA Reserva Vintage 2021 is a Honduran corojo puro offered in a 6 x 44 lonsdale vitola, with all of the tobacco coming from the 2018 crop of the Eiroa family’s farms in Honduras. It is made at CLE’s factory in Danlí, Honduras, with pricing set at $14 per cigar and $350 per box of 25 cigars.

“Each year’s LCA Reserva release will be blended by a different master blender, but the focus for LCA Reservas will always be on producing the best cigar possible using only one year of crop from a single farming estate,” said Brian Desind of the Limited Cigar Association via a press release. “In beginning our focus on the craft cigar movement, it is important that we are able to produce a cigar using all tobaccos from one single farm, all grown in the same year. LCA Reserva Vintage 2021 certainly lives up to this standard. We are proud to have been able to collaborate with Christian on this project, and are grateful to him for digging into his tobacco reserves and producing what can only be described as an exceptional cigar.”

Also notable about the project is the packaging, as each cigar come in a sustainably packaged box, with each cigar in a recyclable, hard paper coffin.

A total of 1,600 boxes have been produced, for a total run of 40,000 cigars.

The cigar has a typical feel in the hand for a lonsdale.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors at light up were sweet apricot, caramel, cinnamon, and black coffee. There was a nice amount of black pepper rated at 8. Nice sweet flavors. Very good start.

At the first third (18 minutes) this is a tasty cigar. The black pepper is amazing. It may have moved up. There is some richness in the cigar. I still had the same notes; apricot, caramel, cinnamon, and black coffee. The finish is apricot with very good lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium bodied. Very good flavors in this cigar so far. I rated the first third 95.

Moving through the second third (38 minutes) the only thing that happened was a slight loss in the overall richness. The same flavor notes are there. The caramel notes slightly decreased which probably account for the slight loss in richness. The finish is still apricot with very good lingering black pepper.  The cigar is still medium bodied. I rated the second third 94.

The cigar lasted 1 hour 2 minutes. The final third reverted back to the way it was in the first third. Same flavor notes with some richness. The black pepper is still very good. The cigar is medium bodied leaning toward medium to full. The finish is still apricot and very good lingering black pepper. This is a very tasty cigar. I rated the final third 95. I highly recommend you try this cigar and buy as many as you can.

Overall Score: 94.67

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