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June 02, 2024

Punch Dad's Home Movies (6 x 50)

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(Description provided by General Cigar)

Remember renting VHS tapes from a local video store and recording home videos on a bulky handheld camera? Neither do we. (Oh, but I do! 😉) But your Dad, Father-in-Law, and Grandad remember those days as the best of times. So Punch has channeled the home entertainment days of yore for Father’s Day 2024 and has you covered with what may be the best gift idea yet.

Punch “Dad’s Home Movies” is a never-before-released, limited-edition blend created for inclusion in a specially-designed ten-count box that looks like a VHS tape with sleeve, straight out of the 80s.

Punch Brand Manager John Hakim explained, “With the release of Punch Dad Bod for Father’s Day last year, we knew we were on to something. So we upped the ante this year with Dad’s Home Movies. It serves three purposes in one: It lets the Dad in your life know how much you care, opens the door for you to rib him for being old, and gives you a chance to enjoy a great Punch cigar with him while he reminisces about the good old days.”

Punch Home Movies is being released in a box pressed Toro size only. The 6” x 50 smoke is handcrafted at HATSA in Honduras and is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Condega binder and a three- region Nicaraguan filler blend featuring tobacco from Condega, Esteli and Ometepe. The medium-plus-bodied cigar opens with spice and cream and progresses to a clean, crisp smoke with notes of grass, wood, nuts and sweetness.

The cigars can be purchased in the 10-count box or by the individual cigar for $7.49 per cigar.

The cigar is box pressed and has an average feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was firm. I decided to give it a try. The initial flavors at light up were a tart, sweet apple, brown sugar, leather and black coffee. There was black pepper rated at 7. Not a bad start but the sweet notes could be more pronounced.

At the first third (35 minutes) the cigar is slow burning. I decided to use the PerfecDraw Tool to open the draw a little. The notes are about the same but there is a lot of leathery black coffee which detracts from the overall appeal. The cigar is medium bodied and the finish is leather with good lingering black pepper. The sweet notes could be more pronounced but as it is I rated the first third 91.

Moving through the second third (1 hour 9 minutes) I had the same notes but more black coffee. There is still plenty of leather but now there is more black coffee. The cigar is medium to full bodied. The finish is unchanged. The appeal of the cigar dipped. The sweet notes cannot keep up. I rated the second third 88.

The cigar lasted an impressive 1 hour 41 minutes. The sweet notes rebounded back to where they were in the first third. The black coffee and leather returned to the level they were in the first third. The cigar is medium to full bodied. The finish is unchanged. I rated the final third 91. This cigar is ok but not great. It's smoke-able again and I will but I thought the Dad's Bod released last year was a better cigar. Still, worth a try.

Overall Score: 90

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