May 17, 2010

Weekend review; May 15 & 16, 2010

Wow! I think summer is here! Very hot Saturday. Of course, the yard work had to be done, so I got a good jump on my summer tan!

This weekend I'm reviewing 2 cigars from Cigars Direct, They are: 
  • Opus X no. 5
  • Casa Magna Pikito

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Opus X no. 5 (4.88 x 40)
Opus X cigars


Opus X has long been a highly sought after premium cigar that has a certain mystique about it. With any cigar, hype goes a long way toward promoting sales. This is a small ring cigar, much smaller than I usually smoke, but I have found that sometimes the smaller ring cigars produce a maximum amount of flavor. I was anxious to see how this premium would play out. Opus X no. 5


The cigar is a beautiful chocolate brown color and very well made. At light-up there was a leathery spice with cinnamon notes and nice pepper. When blown through the nose the spice has citrus notes. The finish was long with vanilla notes. After 3/4" there were sweet notes in the spice and the cinnamon is more prevalent. The black pepper is very nice. After an inch or so the cigar settled into an intense cinnamon spice with light sweet citrus notes and plenty of black pepper. At this point the finish is long with sweet notes of vanilla and lingering pepper. This small ring Opus had a tremendous flavor and intense spice. A really enjoyable medium to full bodied cigar.

Score: 94




Sunday, May 16, 2010

Casa Magna Pikito (4.75 x 42)


The 2008 Cigar of the year by Cigar Aficianado...but that's their opinion. What will I think of it?


The cigar started with a very intense leathery spice with heavy pepper. There were grapefruit citrus notes after 1/2". The finish is short with faint almond notes. You could call this finish "clean" and as I have written before on this blog I am not a fan of clean finishes. I like to have the flavor linger. Maybe that's just me but I like to enjoy a cigar after I blow the smoke out! After an inch it settled into a citrus-leather spice with above average pepper. The cigar stayed consistent from this point. The cigar has a very nice flavor while smoking it but the short, or "clean" finish pulled down the score for me.

Score: 88

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