March 06, 2011

Warlock robusto review

Warlock Robusto (4 3/4x54)

Video review.

With the Altadis event in town on Friday night it was a good opportunity to pick up some other sizes of the new Warlock cigar. I previously reviewed the churchill version of this cigar and gave it a score of 92. Many times robustos and other sizes of the same cigar actually taste different. I wanted to see how this size compares to the churchill and report on it's characteristics.

A dark cigar, just like the churchill version. Very dense.

This cigar started with nice, sweet orange citrus notes and vanilla undertones with some almond notes. The finish is long with rich vanilla. The draw was good.

At the midpoint the cigar had change a little. The sweet orange citrus was still dominant but there were more roasted almond notes. The pepper was good; not overwhelming but good. The finish was still one of vanilla with some almond tones. The draw seemed to get a little tighter at this point.

The final stages saw some hints of cinnamon on the spice. The cigar remained predominantly orange citrus with vanilla and almonds. The draw was good but still a lttle firm. This was a good cigar. Perhaps just a tick lower than the churchill.

Score: 91

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