May 15, 2011

La Herencia de Cuba White torpedo

La Herencia de Cuba White torpedo (6 1/8x52)

I first learned of these cigars during a visit to Lite Um Up Cigars in Columbia several years ago. I did a review on them and gave the cigar a nice rating. I wanted to give them another try since I'll be in Tampa, Florida in early September and want to visit their shop. The La Herencia de Cuba White torpedo is one of  3 color bands that they make; red, white, and yellow. They use to have a black label but it is no longer shown on their website. Now they have the Ramirez label but I am unsure if it took the place of the black label or if it's a separate label.

Video review here.
The cigar appears to be very well made. Of the 3 color labels this should be the fullest bodied.

Wrapper - Dark Habano
Binder - Indonesia
Filler - Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

The white label is the fuller bodied of the 3 color labels. After the cap was cut the test draw was very good.

Quite a bit of pepper, cinnamon, and leather notes at light up.

After a few minutes (about a half inch) the flavors settled down into a ton of black pepper, cinnamon, and a sweet grapefruit citrus. The finish was very long with a ton of black pepper and a sweet vanilla.

 At the 1/3 point the spice was still very much cinnamon and pepper. The citrus notes are more of a sweet orange at this point. The finish is still long with sweet vanilla and hints of raw almonds. The pepper is still good and lingering. The cigar is medium bodied and appears to be moving toward full bodied.

The cinnamon is a dry cinnamon with the mix of citrus makes for a very nice flavor.

At the midpoint there were no major changes.

At the final 1/3 the vanilla is more prominent in the spice. It is a deep, rich vanilla, somewhat like a roasted vanilla.

I reviewed this cigar on June 29th, 2008. At that time I mentioned a lot about the cigar having leather notes. This cigar did not have many leather notes.

The cigar can be wrapped up by saying it has a lot of cinnamon and citrus notes. Vanilla came into play in the final 1/3. There is a lot of black pepper throughout. This was a very good cigar. I really enjoyed it. I rated this cigar a 92 back in 2008 and I am giving this cigar the same rating.

Score: 92


Anonymous said...

Good review. I visited the shop last Fall during the Ybor City Cigar Festival.

Try the Red labels. They are my favorite.

Tiny Tim said...

Are the red label's full bodied, medium, or what?

Anonymous said...

I felt that the Red Labels were a fuller bodied cigar.

By the way, good photography in all you reviews.

Tiny Tim said...

Fuller? Cool! I always thought the white label was the full bodied one. I'll have a review on the red and yellow label soon. I'll let you know what I think of them. Thanks for the comment on the photography too!