March 04, 2012

Casa Magna Colorado Pikito (4.75x42)

The Casa Magna represents the ultimate collaboration between two cigar legends, Manuel Quesada of the Fonseca enterprise and Nestor Plasencia. Nestor’s farms produced the Nicaraguan puro leaves used in the construction of this very new cigar introduced to the world in 2008. The Nicaraguan filler is embraced by a very special Cuban-seeded Colorado Ligero wrapper also grown in Nicaragua. This deluxe oily wrapper augments the complexity of the filler, delivering one memorable smoke to the enthusiast lucky enough to procure a box of these beautiful cigars.

This Casa Magna Pikito was provided by Cigars Direct

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These cigars come in boxes of 55 cigars! Small, yes, but many times smaller cigars have the most flavor. I want to see if this cigar is one of those.

The cigar is very well made and packed nicely.

The test draw was very good. Immediately after lighting the cigar the flavors were leather, cinnamon, faint vanilla and very nice pepper. The cinnamon seems to have a mix of citrus but it's early and not easily detectable.

After the cigar settled down the flavors remained the same; leather, cinnamon, back end vanilla and nice pepper. This is a very leathery cigar which I find unusual for a Nicaraguan. The finish is a subtle vanilla; not overly sweet, and some lingering pepper.

At 1 1/4 inches into the cigar the flavors remain the same.

At the point I had to remove the band the flavors are still the same. The finish has more sweetness on the vanilla.

With about 1 1/2 inches left the cinnamon shows signs of developing richness; not overly rich which would be a very good thing, but a subtle richness which greatly improved the cigar. The richness seems to be coming a little late in the cigar. The pepper is a 6 or 7 on a scale of 10. The vanilla is more prominent on the finish and it's creamy. The sweetness in this cigar is on the finish.

As the cigar wound down the richness in the cinnamon remained. This is a very leathery cigar. For those of you who like cigars with a lot of leather and cinnamon notes you will really enjoy this cigar. I am not the biggest leather fan out there but I enjoyed the cigar. The vanilla finish was very nice. The pepper was very good on both ends. I could smoke this cigar again.

Score: 87

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