July 19, 2014

Buena Vista Reserva Piramide (6.3 x 52)

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In 2011 Buena Vista Cigars was released with a sizable amount of industry hype do superb cigar construction, one of kind luxury presentation and packaging, and most importantly, the quality of the cigar itself.

Circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control hindered the project’s development and successful advancement. The entire production of 200,000 cigars was stored in temperature and humidity-controlled cedar conditioning rooms, until 2013. At that point, José E. Borges Batista, founding partner and current President of MGM Cigar, arrived to the United States (after a prolonged wait) bringing with him dreams of freedom, prosperity, and his irrevocable mission of pressing ahead with the MGM Cigar project.

José E. Borges said: “The M.GM. Cigar project and first brand Buena Vista cigar was nothing more than a dream in 2009. It quickly caught flight, only to be put to bed for a short while. I am thankful to have relocated to the United States where I am free to forge ahead with our project. We look forward to re-introducing the Buena Vista Cigar brand which pays homage to all who, through music and from one generation to another, have kept the Cuban traditions, values and joie de vivre alive.”

Buena Vista Reserva 2008 is crafted by Cuban master rollers, who expertly mix a filler of select tobacco harvested in the Dominican Republic, aged two years (2008-2010) and then dress it with an elegant Habano 98 wrapper from Ecuador.

The Buena Vista brand is presented in boxes of 10 units and comes in 9 vitolas:

 PROMINENTE                  7 x 49                         
 SUBLIME                          6.3 x 54                       
 PIRAMIDE                        6.3 x 52  (Reviewed today)                     
 DOBLE ROBUSTO           5.5 x 52                       
 ROBUSTO                         5.3 x 54                   
 CORONA LARGA            4.8 x 50                       
 CORONA                          5.1 x 46                       
 PETIT PYRAMID             4.9 x 52                         
 SHORT CHURCHILL       4.3 x 54

The cigar is very well made and has a nice feel in the hand. Here is a shot of the foot and it's density.

The test draw after cutting about 1/4 inch from the pointed piramide cap was very good with just a touch of firmness. The initial flavors at light up were a very surprising sweet orange citrus with lots of roasted nut flavors. There were also light coffee notes and wood notes. The black pepper was rated at a 7. 

About one inch in the flavors have changed a bit. The orange citrus has changed to a sweet cedar and there are cherry notes mixed in. The roasted nuts are now roasted almonds. There are still light coffee notes at the base and there is quite a bit of earthiness. The cigar is medium bodied, at best. The finish is a sweet cream with almond tones and some lingering black pepper.

1 3/4 inch in the burn line is perfect and the ash is tight. There is a heavy influence of roasted almonds right after the sweet cedar and cherry notes. There is still a light coffee base. There are also some dry wood notes. The earth notes have toned down. The finish is unchanged.

At the band the burn line is evident. The cigar is very consistent at this point. Very little has changed, if anything, since the last segment.

The cigar ended with heavy coffee and dry wood notes. The roasted almonds are subtle, along with the sweet cedar. The cherry notes have disappeared. This big change happened in the final quarter so it will not affect the total score that much. The finish is unchanged and the cigar ended at medium to full bodied. This has been a very good cigar with some surprising notes. It started with surprising notes and continued very good through over 3/4 of the cigar. Look for these in shops shortly.

Score: 91

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