July 28, 2020

Rapid Reviews; 5 cigars from Cigar Bundles of Miami

Video review HERE.

The post is a multiple review of some of Cigar Bundles of Miami cigars. These cigars are available through the highlighted links provided. Plus, when you use the discount code TIMROLLINS you will save 15%.

6th priming oily Habano wrapper
Nicaraguan binder and filler

Starts with cedar, brown sugar, cinnamon, light caramel, nutmeg, earthy black coffee. 
Black pepper at 7 1/2. As the cigar burns into the first third the nutmeg and black pepper combine nicely.
First third: 92

Second third: the cigar got smoother. Consistent flavors.
Score: 92

Final third: dry nutmeg and earthy black coffee was elevated. 
Score: 90

Overall Score: 91.33

Available in these sizes:
Lancero 7x38 
Figurado 4x49 
Robusto 5x50 
6 x52 Torpedo 
Gordo 6x60 
Extra Gordo 7x70

Available wrappers:

(you can get to all sizes and wrappers through highlighted link)

From the hands of the finest Cuban rollers in Tampa.
All long Nicaraguan filler.
Hand rolled in Ybor City in bundles of 25.

Light up: citrus/cedar, brown sugar, graphite, nutmeg, sweet dark chocolate, black coffee. Nice mix of flavors.
First third: 92

Second third: sweetness slightly increased, nutmeg and coffee are elevated.
Second third: 93

Final third: chocolate and coffee notes increased. Nice cigar.
Score: 92

Overall Score: 92.33

Maduro wrapper
Nicarguan/Honduran Cuban Seed Long Fillers

Starts with sweet, tangy cedar, brown sugar, caramel, sweet dark chocolate, black coffee. Black pepper rated at 7 1/2.
First third: 93

Second third: Same great flavors and increased black coffee. Pepper still very good. Nice sweet dark chocolate. Nutmeg enters but not overpowering. Tight ash.
Second third: 94

Final third: sweet dark chocolate, cedar/caramel combination, light nutmeg, deep black coffee which is elevated. Nice black pepper. 
Final third: 94

Overall Score: 93.67


Nicaraguan candela wrapper over all Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

Starts with numerous notes; orange peel, meat, cedar, leather, light brown sugar, nutmeg, light fresh grass. Believe it or not the flavors mix to make an interesting flavor that has light sweetness. Black pepper at 7 1/2. Not really a black coffee base. More of a heavy leather base.
First third: 90

Second third; about the same flavor  notes but you can add lemon to the list. Very meaty, leathery flavor mix. There is just enough sweetness to make the cigar interesting. The finish has meaty leather and some grassy notes but not heavy. There are some earthy black coffee notes on the finish. Medium bodied.
Score: 90

Final third; meat notes coming out more. Plenty of orange peel/lemon notes, plenty of meaty leather and nutmeg. Light sweetness. There is now black coffee at the base. Medium to full bodied.
Score: 90

Overall Score: 90

This is a very different type of cigar and the more of them I smoke the better I like them.

This is a great looking cigar. Very well made and box pressed.

Premium Nicaraguan Long filler aged 6 years brought down from Esteli,Nicaragua and rolled in Little Havana,Florida by the best Torcedores (rollers) around! They are a 6 X 52 packed 5 with a sun grown Habano oscuro wrapper.

Starts with cedar/citrus, strawberry notes, brown sugar, cinnamon, caramel, nutmeg, light leather notes, and earthy black coffee. Pepper rated at 8. Very tasty cigar.
First third: 94

Second third: more caramel notes, black pepper very good. Finish is caramel, citrus, and good black pepper. 
Score: 94

Final third: continuation of same notes. Black coffee up. Very good black pepper, 
Score: 93

Overall Score: 93.67

These are all cigars I could easily smoke again. If interested in trying any of these click the link in the name and use code TIMROLLINS to get 15% off your purchase.

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