February 11, 2012

E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Short Run 2012 Invictos (5 7/8 x 52)

Based on the huge success of the New Wave Connecticut and Core Maduro lines the Carrillos decided to experiment with mixing the tobaccos from both of these lines. Ultimately, they fell in love with a blend that consisted of:

  • Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut (wrapper from New Wave Connecticut)
  • Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf (wrapper from Core Maduro)
  • Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic (filler from Core Maduro)

The New Wave Connecticut Short Run 2012 captures the best of both lines. Carrillo states that this is probably the best Short Run yet!

The 2012 Short Run will come in the typical 3 Short Run sizes and will be limited to 1000 boxes per size.

4 7/8x50
$152.40 per box; $6.35 per cigar

Invictos (being reviewed today)
5 7/8x52
$170.40 per box; $7.10 per cigar

6 1/4x60
$206.40 per box; $8.60 per cigar

All 3 sizes will be available in boxes of 24.

These cigars will be available in local shops in late February or early March, 2012.

Video Review HERE.

I am very fortunate to get an early sampling of these cigars. They sound simple amazing, utilizing the best ingredients from the New Wave Connecticut and the Core Maduro lines.

The cigar is very well made and densely packed.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. Initially the flavors were very peppery and a lot of cinnamon with some lightly roasted almonds. There is also some orange citrus.

After the cigar settled down the flavors consisted of a very peppery, rich orange citrus which was candy-like. There is nice cinnamon also. The finish was fairly short with almond and vanilla. There is some lingering pepper on the palate.  There is a depth to the richness which I attribute to the maduro binder. A nice, rich vanilla also appeared.

At about the 1 inch point the cigar has the richness which I have described in other reviews as port-like. I am reminded of a rich tawny port when smoking this cigar. I really like the richness the cigar has and the finish is now a long vanilla with nice lingering pepper. The 3 main flavors of cinnamon, orange citrus and vanilla make this a very tasty cigar! The cigar is mild to medium at this point.

The cigar remained fairly consistent for the next few inches. After removing the bands the cinnamon notes are forefront. The rich tawny port flavors are still intact but the cinnamon seems to be the lead flavor. The finish has changed somewhat to a french vanilla which is very creamy. The pepper continues to be very good on both ends.

At the end of the cigar the tawny flavors are still the main flavors and the cinnamon is still the lead flavor. The cigar is medium bodied. It achieved medium bodied status at or about the midpoint. I enjoyed the rich flavors very much. This cigar should be on your list of "must try" cigars.

Score: 94

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