JC Newman

August 14, 2011

E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut El Decano

E. P. Carrillo New Wave Conecticut El Decano (6x60)

This is the newest edition to the New Wave Connecticut line up. This is a monster! It's huge! Beautifully constructed.

After cutting the cap of this monster the test draw was effortless.

The first flavors were intense black pepper with sweet, creamy vanilla and lightly roasted almonds. There are hints of citrus after 1/4 inch.

After 3/4 inch the grapefruit citrus notes become more noticeable.

The finish is one of almonds and lingering black pepper. The ash is quite tight for a large ring cigar.

The cigar is just a tad soft. Since it has an effortless draw and is a 60 ring that may be by design. Better this way than over packed and having a hard draw.

After about an inch the finish was very sweet with orange citrus and vanilla notes along with the nice black pepper.

About this same point the spice took on a very rich orange citrus with vanilla notes and underlying almonds. While the cigar is making these changes the nice black pepper remains steady.

After 1 1/2 inches the rich, sweet orange citrus with vanilla with subtle almond notes are in full force. The orange citrus is so rich it reminds me of a sweet port. Is there an orange port out there? No, but this cigar makes me think that if there were it would be great! I love rich cigars! This one does not disappoint!

After 2 1/2 inches there are no changes; still great!

The cigar produces a tremendous amount of smoke! The burn is very even. Smoke it slow. After 3 inches I'm about an hour into the cigar.

The cigar is very consistent. With about 2 inches left the cigar has had no major changes.

This cigar was very consistent from the 1 1/2 inch point onward. The rich orange citrus notes combined with the vanilla and almond notes make for a wonderful experience. The cigar is ultra rich. Another great addition to the New Wave Connecticut family.

You'll get close to 2 hours out of this cigar. Fantastic cigar.

Score: 94


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Anonymous said...

Why you never go to Social Cigar anymore TT?


Tim Rollins said...

No real reason Cincybrian; just lazy I guess.