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August 13, 2011

Monte Pascoal Minutos

Monte Pascoal Minutos (4 3/8 x 42)

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I have reviewed several Monte Pascoal cigars previously. Up to this point they have been good but not spicy and flavorful enough but of the several samples of this cigar I've had I found them to be very flavorful. Let's see how this sample pans out.

Monte Pascoal cigars utilize all Brazilian tobacco; Monte Fina and Monte Norte. Each vitola uses different amounts of each tobacco to give each one a different flavor.

The test draw was very good; just a tad firm.

The initial draws had rich almond flavor. I let the cigar sit for a minute.

The cigar had a nice rich almond flavor and nice pepper. Monte Pascoal cigars have rich almond flavor. It is usually the main flavor in their cigars. I have grown to really like rich almond flavor.

About 3/4  inch in the cigar had rich, sweet orange citrus that combines great with the rich almond notes. The pepper is very good and lingers on the palate. The finish is a creamy almond. The cigar is very rich. It's almost like candy!

Just past the midpoint the cigar still has the rich citrus and almond mix. The finish has vanilla notes with almonds. The pepper is amazing on both ends; draw and finish. I really like this cigar at this point. In my opinion this blend of Monte Fina and Monte Norte is the best blend.

Just past this point there were rich cinnamon notes. Now you have rich cinnamon, citrus, and almonds! I am amazed at the flavor this small cigar has.

I brought out my nubbing tool to enjoy the last bits of this cigar. I is a pronged device sort of like what you would use to eat corn on the cob. This cigar is amazingly good. If you like rich cinnamon, citrus, and almonds you will love this cigar. If you love pepper you'll love this cigar. This cigar is simply great.

Score: 95

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